2022 Christmas

Sunday, Christmas Day, December 25, 2022

Today, no “bah humbugs” from me. Our weather’s warm–as in very warm in these “darkest days” of the year. And important friends have been in touch. It’s warming to be reassured that long time friends are healthy and productive, and that they still read my blog.

Last Wednesday was the shortest day of this year. Right afterwards I began counting each new daylight’s additional seconds. I am optimistic about possible happenings in the New Year. High on my list of hopes is for the war in Ukraine to conclude, with that nation’s guaranteed independence, and a healthy renewal of its mighty ability to produce food. Ukraine’s assets help to feed this hungry world. I’ll speak again to optimism on New Year’s Day.

The header photo especially for my friend, Mary Martini, shows her fav, Chase, two days ago. He’s almost ten months old. Mary, you chose well, as usual, for he’s a love, still has a “soft-puppy” feel, is sweet, smart, and unflappable.

The PNW area should according to experts enjoy more of this unusually warm weather. My resolution before the New Year arrives to go hiking with the dogs. I’ll use a stop-action camera to record their antics and post new pictures. If truly this warmth holds on, I’ll go horseback riding.

Warm weather invites us to make the most of these shortest days.

Once again, Mr. Irresistible.

Dear Friends: Wishes to all, for a wonderful day with friends, good food, and optimism. Diana

One thought on “2022 Christmas

  1. Ah yes — Happy 4th day after winter solstice! As we move away from this astronomical landmark and towards spring equinox we will, hopefully, acquire more energy along with more light. Interesting how most creatures adapt, even celebrate the seasons.

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