Christmas Dinner

Monday, December 26, 2022

My neighbors invited me to dinner. I always enjoy their sweet companionship, and as a slurpy kicker, Frank and Annette were planning to go full steam and cook a prime rib. They would serve veggies grown in their huge greenhouse. My candid photos do their Christmas table little justice.

The evening’s companions also were Jill and Jeff, who are lifelong friends with Frank and Annette.

Those two have been (it seems forever) rebuilding their home, from scratch, and all by themselves. They described having recently moved into its first-finished section, which turned out beautifully, and they’re delighted. Like Frank and Annette, they are serious gardeners and grow much of their own food.

My friendship with Frank and Annette goes beyond our common fence over which we often chat. We share a deep love for animals. They and I have dogs and chickens. Here, Frank does his magic (treats!) for their eager puppies.

I didn’t get photos of Annette. Well, I did, but of her backside, as she was busy cooking.

Annette is a special needs teacher with a passion for her work. She’s an expert in recognizing each needy student’s individuality. She explains that assisting individuals starts with encouraging them to achieve. By gaining a student’s trust, she can help them reset their sights. Their actual “moving forward” may begin when they can identify realistic and achievable goals.

With this group, there’s never any dull conversation. We’re each unique, with long life experiences and the verbal skills to share our learnings and thoughts.

The evening and dinner were great! They offset nicely, that afterwards, I went trudging into the darkness and slippery wetness, to haul hay to my horses.

This, for my dear Cousin Mary, shows me wearing the aspen leaf she sent.

Dear Friends: A giant salute to good weather, fine companionship, and excellent cooking. Diana

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