Year Is Ending

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

All night, rains and winds have pummeled and swirled. Hopefully, my home’s roofing and gutters are withstanding those continuing onslaughts. Each winter brings to this area at least one big wet/windy barrage, like the current one. So much for my hopes to hike with the dogs and go horseback riding.

It’ll be all right because I am reading books again and loving the portability of a basic Kindle device. Here and there with it, I grab moments and read–while an attendant fills my vehicle with gasoline; while automation moves my vehicle through a car wash; while awaiting my turn at a cash register check-out; while pausing between ranching and housekeeping chores; and anytime I’m sleepless in bed. This device fits neatly in my pocket, it opens immediately and exactly where I last read.

I’m close to finishing Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus. I love this story. It’s fun, creative, superbly written, and teaches! Ten Stars from me, or in other words, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Approaching the upcoming year-end, I’m reflecting on the past very complicated twelve months. On a massive scale, they have revealed significant changes in populations, economics, and politics. They have renewed “nation-speaking,” with noisier and seriously-conflicting leaderships. Absorbing what’s going on involves attempting to categorize what in those busy months might have been best and what certainly wasn’t. There are lots of both.

On a personal level, the last year often has amazed me. It has increased my awareness, heightened my sensitivity, and now hints at altering my path. Any alterations, if indeed they’re to occur, won’t until after we’re well migrated into a new year.

As this year ends, let’s join and reflect both backward and forward. Let’s seriously consider both world and local conditions and situations. Let’s establish a common goal, to live together and individually, all the best possible.

Dear Friends: The rain has stopped and the wind blows less hard; there’s a hint of sunshine. Diana

2 thoughts on “Year Is Ending

  1. This morning the needle on the barometer is the lowest I’ve seen it in Bend, contributing to post-solstice blues. The high winds can cause a sort of restless anxiety. Our contract with the sun says that more and more light will be returning soon. It will be welcome!

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