Thursday, January 05, 2023

I had a jolly good time yesterday shopping, to furnish a couple of gaps in my home. Unless I want to drive clear to Portland and shop at Ikea, I am comfortable substituting the local Bi-Mart. The stores have similar furnishings, minimalistic, inexpensive, and rather nice-looking.

I like Idea and hope it comes to growing Central Oregon. While Ikea merchandise is available online, my experience with its products has taught me to see, touch, and evaluate, before buying. I approach what’s available at Bi-Mart in the same way. Cheap furnishings require assessing their potential for surviving routine wear and tear. I’m not particularly hard on anything but have dogs that might chew and my cat sharpens his nails. I like it when replacing something isn’t a big deal.

Lots of big things come packed in flat boxes and require assembling. I dislike assembling furniture, first, because instructions difficult to understand are hard to follow. The provided assembling tool is too small for easy use. There are differing bolts appearing alike too much. Finally, pieces could come together too heavy for me to manipulate. But cheap furnishings are self-hauls to home, and one assembles.

My new stuff doesn’t need assembling as I selected carefully. Most pieces simply require “putting into place and using.”

Starting this New Year, all inside is shiny. Time will tell how long that may last.

Dear Friends: This “discardable age” is good for pocketbooks but lousy for the environment. Diana

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