Hi Again, Miss Merry

Friday, January 06, 2023

I’m thinking about pulling up an adventure fantasy, featuring a Welsh Pony, which I drafted years ago. Its title is, “Little Miss Merry,” and in it, the pony narrates her story in first-person.

The real Merry lived with me before suddenly becoming the victim of a severe colic episode. Losing her occurred rapidly and was heartbreaking to me. For months afterward, I worked at working through some of my sadness by creating an adventure story that featured the pony’s individuality and courage.

The near-final draft read well enough for friends to see, and they generated encouraging feedback. That draft needed more editing, however, and the pony’s clear and interesting activities begged for illustrations to enhance her story. Real photos of Merry weren’t the right solution. I am incapable of illustrating and wasn’t able to afford someone who could. The project long has been on hold.

Perhaps until now, though, with DALL-E available. The header photo from DALL-E pretty well illustrates an important scene. In it, Miss Merry accidentally has met and begins to exchange perceptions with a big, old, wise draft horse.

Dear Friends: I’m running out of time, might write more after experimenting with illustrations. Diana

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