Winter Day’s Delight

Monday, January 08, 2023

Yesterday, the Eight Pines Ranch welcomed visitors. They were my friend (and former coworker at WinCo Foods), Eva, and her look-alike daughter, Amanda, visiting from California. Amanda is an independent thinker and an animal lover, who upon deciding to go traveling won’t leave home without both Rain, her Labrador puppy, and a beloved tabby cat. The kitty wasn’t a visitor to my ranch yesterday but sweet Rain was here. (With apologies for my pitiful photography skills, look for Rain by peering into the lower right corner.)

We toured the Ranch. The three visitors met my dogs, chickens, goat, and horses. Of course, inside the house, they met Peaches, the Cockatoo, and also, Gilbert, my rescued racing pigeon.

The instant Peaches saw Rain, he began screaming as only Cockatoos can. About Peaches, I’m accustomed to his noises and can tune him out. Yesterday, I barely heard his screams before noticing how those sounds captured our visitors. I explained there’s no sense in trying to shut Peaches up, because he starts and stops when he feels like it. On the other hand, Gilbert, as usual was quiet and soothing.

Ava and Amanda are pleasant, enjoyable companions. Now that my home’s interior finally is coming together, it’s a feel good to greet visitors. As a bonus these days, our weather is warmer (knock on wood!), making it easier to go down to my barn and interact with the outside critters.

Here’s a picture of Ava and me. I wonder why we forgot to keep Rain nearby to be in our picture.

A note about Ava. She befriended me when I worked at WinCo. I struggled to learn the cashiering work and she was an unofficial, kind coach. I often asked Eva about various aspects of my job as well as who in management I might approach for something needed. That our friendship is outlasting our time working together is very cool.

By the way, I’m adding another photo. It’s not relevant to today’s blog but is a delight. I captured this interesting Red-Tailed Hawk flying toward its favorite tree and lowering to land. I consider this tree the hawk’s favorite after often seeing the bird perched atop it and eyeing the pasture below. This sighting was timely, for I had a camera.

Dear Friends: Here at the Eight Pines Ranch, a near-perfect whole day. Diana

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