Winer Blahs

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

This day is starting off a bit chilly. The local weather is predicted to warm toward its recent average in the mid-40s. Yesterday, massive cloud banks over Central Oregon, to the south and west, notably obliterated sights normally in view, including the local Cascades.

The header shows the Middle and North Sisters Mountains, a picture I took on a recent clear day.

Despite yesterday’s clouds, or because of them, the late afternoon sunshine incredibly was bright. I was driving on a neighborhood street and wearing sunglasses, but a windshield shine prevented me from seeing the road. I stopped, rolled down the driver’s and passenger’s windows, and peered at the road to get my bearings, before moving ahead gingerly.

Yesterday’s weather report suggested wearing sunglasses and today’s does, too. In Central Oregon, even with a very low UV index, afternoon sunshine in the west can be beyond bright. Yesterday, I happened to be facing west while driving when the shine stopped me. Lesson learned (again!), do avoid driving in late afternoons.

I’m watching weather trends hoping for more cold to freeze my dry lot’s ground, or for more warm to dry it out. I’m frequently caring for horses out there, where walking equates to wading in slushy mush. Cooperative weather is the best way to deal with too wet ground. Please weather, do what will ease my being out with the horses.

It’s well that our average temps are in the forties. This light jacket weather is much better than snow pants and a system jacket, which tend to be bulky and hinder bending and lifting while caring for animals.

Dear Friends: At least, our daylights are a bit longer, telling us the winter is winding down. Diana

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