Expanding Borders

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

For years I worked as a sample server in the local Costco for one of its associate companies. A year ago, I decided to quit and stay home but eventually returned to work for other organizations. I’ve continued shopping at Costco and saying hello to employees who were workplace acquaintances. Last spring, one such, Jan, wondered if I might rent space in my home to her. On a first impulse, I said no, but then considered the possible mutual benefits. Since then, Jan and I have discussed the possibilities, and pros and cons.

On the plus side, we’ve been acquaintances for years and share an affection for dogs. She used to breed and train her adored Airedale Terriers. She’s comfortable around equines and accustomed to riding horseback. Jan works full-time is five years from retirement, and has lots of nervous energy. She wishes to be active and offers assistance with my animals and property. Like me, she’s a cancer patient, in remission, and doing well.

She says she wouldn’t be bothered at midnights as the dogs and I are rumbling through the house so they may go outside a few minutes; says that, like me, she awakens at 5 a.m. to start her days; says she wouldn’t be bothered by my house heating set fairly low to reduce heating costs.

I have hesitated, having mostly lived alone except for romantic interludes. I’d have to adjust to sharing with another person. At the bottom line, however, a housemate would be beneficial and Jan seems suited to the circumstances. We will move ahead in several weeks when she can leave her current living situation.

And, as a must to be settled up front, our political views and preferences are similar!

Dear Friends: This represents a big step ahead for me in lifestyle and personal progress. Diana

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