Midwinter Dream

Friday, January 13, 2023

In this early morning, the outside temperature is a mild 46 degrees and predicted to reach into the mid-fifties. I’m loving being in sweater weather, but timidly, for January is the dead of midwinter. Likely, soon ahead will be sudden and dramatic wintery weather changes.

Today’s weather will facilitate my going out and buying lottery tickets. Of course, that will be tossing away money; but will enable hours of sweet dreams of becoming suddenly and incredibly wealthy. The hours will pass pleasantly between my ticket purchase and the lottery draw.

Who could have imagined jackpots big as the current ones? Who’s mind could have wandered into the neighborhood of today’s huge payouts? Who among us could handle suddenly becoming a multi-billionaire? What’s a typical worst financial condition a simple extra few hundred thousand dollars couldn’t relieve?

Actually, a single extra hundred thousand would free most of us from debt and leave extra for spending.

Anyway, this morning I will go for quick picks. My little investment will conjure up fine fantasies. I will stall until tomorrow morning and then check the winning numbers, hoping for a critical few to match mine.

Dear Friends: I very pleasantly can imagine the joy of a simple hundred-thousand windfall! Diana

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