Saturday, January 14, 2023

We’re enjoying a last gasp of relatively balmy weather. I understand we’re about to be greeted with rain and maybe snow.

Today, I have a couple of social events. First, is a book club meeting with an informed facilitator, to discuss THE GUIDE, by Peter Heller. I didn’t particularly enjoy this novel as typical crime mysteries aren’t my thing. A style of mystery writing I enjoy, for example, is THE ROBBER BRIDE, by Margaret Atwood. Her story is complex, slowly unwinding, and a reader doesn’t realize it’s actually a mystery until Atwood reveals that.

As usual, I digress. Now that I don’t work outside my home, I am considering how to become more out and about. Today, I will be a relatively quiet attendee for the book discussion. I want to sense its quality of readership and evaluation. If the group’s pretty good, I’ll read the planned books and attend meetings.

Right afterward, I will go to the Old Mill District and join some former coworkers from our Costco “sample serving days.” They are taking for lunch one we used to work with. Our former coworker now has advanced memory loss and is unlikely to recognize me. I am touched that some have stayed close to her, through assisted living and now memory care. I wish to support their caring generosity.

I’ll hold off on checking whether I won the lottery. Becoming suddenly a billionaire would ruin my plans for today.

Dear Friends: Aging itself is a mystery, with possibilities seemingly unreal until they affect us. Diana

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