Sunday, January 15, 2023

The book club meeting was interesting enough to draw me to another meeting. We had met to discuss a not-so-good mystery novel which some liked, while others including me didn’t. I attended the meeting to spot serious readers and hopefully over time connect with one or two. A key enjoyment of mine is reading and discussing books, especially ones more complex than mainstream novels.

About twenty-five women attended, and the meeting’s facilitator reasonably kept the discussion on track. The hour introduced me to a few bright readers, some of which I gathered are writers, or like me wannabe writers. After that meeting, I went to the Library and checked out two upcoming novels. If reading them is interesting enough, I’ll attend the next discussions.

This morning, I am staring at my new Passion Planner, which arrived yesterday, complete with a box of erasable pens and a set of monthly tabs. I’ve never been a journeying or planner type. I became attracted to passion planning after learning of the method from NPR. Here’s a link:

To this newbie, the Planner while beautiful feels daunting. I’ve thought about how my journeying might begin, and it needs to be with what’s on my mind, call it passions. They’re about my aspirations for book clubbing and creative writing. I can imagine myself creating a clearer path toward more often participating in thoughtful two-way, and/or group communications. My goal calls for working on my inner and outer self and suits the Passion Planner.

Dear Friends: Wishes related to a larger theme may bring journeying with passion alive. Diana

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