Passion Planning

Monday, January 16, 2023

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

For a book club, I’ve begun reading this novel. I’d never heard of Anne Griffin, and after disliking the Club’s previous book, was prepared to struggle through this one. I especially wanted to resist on learning that its protagonist, who’s associated with a mortuary, “can hear the dead.”

I was unprepared to discover that Griffin is a fine writer. She writes so compelling that I returned to the story’s beginning and re-read the first chapter, more slowly to better experience it. Plus, Griffin is Irish, lives in Ireland, and I’ll allow her an Irish perspective. So, am suspending some of my resistance to the idea of hearing the dead.

Yesterday, I practiced several times writing in my Passion Planner. I was surprised by how often my thoughts returned to the topic of becoming physically stronger. I’m strong because of property work and animal caring, but do have chronic back pain. I’ve been learning about bench pressing for women, which is reported to strengthen the whole body. Working out with light weights 3X weekly will strengthen one’s core.

I paused writing in my Passion Planner and ordered a workout bench and some light weights from Amazon. That might seem impulsive but isn’t so much. Over several months, I’ve studied ways for women to correctly and regularly perform reasonably light exercises. My Planner convinced me, I want to work out, strengthen my muscles, and hopefully, reduce my lower back pain.

As a beginner, I’m unwilling to join a gym, which stretches my commitment. Besides working out, there’s the driving to and from and the parking. Besides, abundant online videos and descriptions can teach how correctly to perform bench workouts. If all goes well and I wish for more and better, I’ll join a gym.

Dear Readers: I’ll post updates to both topics as they’re progressing. Diana

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