Easy Peasy

Saturday, January 21, 2023

My flooring expert is coming today for what should be the last time. He will replace the carpeting with manufactured vinyl in the master bedroom’s closet. This closet was left undone before Christmas; today, he’ll do that and attend to some previously identified fix-up spots.

The whole process from the beginning, until now, has taken nearly a year. I faced the problem of living with dogs and over time with increasingly unattractive, dog-damaged carpeting. I learned about vinyl flooring, its pros, and cons, and became reassured of its waterproof and damage-proof characteristics. I learned that vinyl can be scratched, and so, moving heavy objects needs proper padding. Colored markers can repair minor scratches. A capable flooring person knows ways to repair larger challenges if they occur.

My flooring specialist, a friend by the way, helped me select a flooring pattern. I wanted one that mimics wood planks. We experimented with samples and selected one. He explained how he would arrange the pattern in my home, and why, and I felt satisfied.

As it promises, the vinyl makes doggie accidents easy to clean and leaves spots residue-free. Vinyl is easier than carpeting to clean but it doesn’t absorb dust as the carpeting will. My horses create dust in their dry lot, it’s straight west and their dust invades my house. Additionally, my pet birds release feathers and dander. A wireless vacuum and a dust mop make routine cleaning quick and easy.

Today, I’ll be clearing a big closet and later will move everything back into it. Last time for all such work.

Dear Friends: Innovations springing up everywhere are altering traditional tastes and preferences. Diana

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