Ooh, La La

Sunday, January 22, 2023

I was moving a large storage chest from a closet to open space so the floor guy could work. On removing a too-stuffed drawer, I discovered beneath some items an unopened bottle of Azzaro 9 Parfum. A brand-new bottle, 1/4 oz., in its original packaging.

Oh, the memories! Way back, before I ever worked out at a gym, I occasionally wore perfume. Azzaro was my favorite. After entering the world of the gym, I grew increasingly sensitive to scent. Those who work out among others understand why one begins to dislike perfumes.

I stood in that closet staring at my find, and remembering. I tried to calculate how long the bottle might have been stashed. No less than forty years, if a minute, and no kidding. I can recall wearing the scent while working as a secretary at Hughes Aircraft. So, yes, possibly forty years.

Why had I never opened this bottle? Was it purchased as a gift? For whom, and why didn’t I give it?

The wondering increased my curiosity about the brand. I turned to the internet and searched for Azzaro 9 Parfum. Well, it’s still around and like the old days not cheap. Currently, a one-quarter ounce bottle in a vintage box sells for around $60.00. Originally, I might have paid $19 or maybe $27, certainly no more. That purchase would have been bold and pricy on my office salary.

I sat at the computer and thought while my curiosity grew. I wrote to Azzaro, sending my package’s registration and identification numbers and requesting a bottling date. It’s interesting, a vintage perfume’s monetary value can double over time.

I’m just saying. About perfumes who knew?

That triggered my thoughts about Peaches, my Cockatoo. This year he will turn 18 and could live well into his seventies. Someday he needs a new home with someone younger than me. If the future will double the value of an unopened French Parfum, mine might need rehoming.

Dear Friends: The powerful surprise of rediscovering past significant moments. Diana

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