Thursday, January 26, 2023

Yesterday, at Home Depot I attended a New Employee Orientation. I figured it would last a couple of hours. Ha! How about it lasted five hours and ended unfinished. I watched training videos and online indoctrinations, to rules and regulations, toxic material handling, etc. I will return this morning to complete the process.

We new hires toured the facility and found all employees pleasant and welcoming. The attitudes were encouraging. Men and women alike and representing all age groups worked in the aisles. My new position might avoid the aggressive ageism that frustrated me where previously I was a part-time cashier.

I learned that working behind a cash register made me very vulnerable to spontaneous opinions. I worked in a busy store where people, lined up and waiting to check out, had the time and permission to study their cashier, to assess speed, capability, and temperament. By the time, I was checking them out, many voiced opinions about me. I was shocked by how many customers, mostly around my age whom I’d never before met, openly scolded me for still working. None were joking, some were cruel. I didn’t respond, ignored criticisms, and unable to speak back as I wished, swallowed anger.

A new cycle begins. I have another employee I.D. and passwords and user codes. This time I’ll be on the store’s sales team, moving around and less vulnerable to being studied. Interactions will be on-the-spot, spontaneous and better for my peace of mind.

Dear Friends: Now, I’ll be off to finish the orientation. Diana

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