Friday, January 27, 2023

Another day of sitting through online videos at Home Depot, orienting to my new job. This will continue for four hours daily for two weeks, which is how HD trains new employees. I have sat through worse orientations, but this one takes the cake for length.

I am a former corporate trainer and am very familiar with informational videos. The Home Depot’s are among the best I’ve seen, but a person can absorb only so much at a sitting. Several instructional videos, one after another, result in a brain freeze.

I got up, walked around, found coffee, and hung out until my energy renewed. Interestingly as I tromped through the store’s aisles, some employees I had met briefly the day before recognized me and engaged me in conversation. The chats were cool and hinted that new friends are ahead. Yes, for me, Home Depot could become a fine working environment.

On another note, my kind neighbor, Frank, texted that he could see my fence sagging in a couple of spots and offered to fix things. He did a masterful job and introduced me to a new style of post-junction stabilizer.

That got me thinking. For most of last year, I was venturing out, seeking part-time work. Learning new skills had me neglecting some property care. Yesterday, I worked off some guilt for having neglected the fence line. I did some needed cleaning and repairing in the horse area. The horses followed me around, and Sunni was after my gloves. Those animals are dear.

Kudos again, Frank, for helping.

Dear Friends: Today’s header is my Maxwell, a very cool kitty about to turn fourteen. Diana

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