Saturday, January 28, 2023

I was watching a training video at HD when the fellow next to me switched off his monitor, smiled, and said he’d be returning to the plumbing area. I removed my headphones and listened. He explained that he’s been employed at HD for one week, and is a licensed contractor. He couldn’t find enough work to carry him through winter and will be with HD until spring. I asked if he could do repair work at my home. “Sure,” he said.

Central Oregon, where I live, is bustling with new construction. I’m on the opposite end of the tradespeople spectrum. I can’t find qualified individuals unbusy enough to address my home needs, a little electrical, plumbing, and repairing. Working at HD will be a plus, as some will pop up who routinely handle general repairs.

Plus, I can seek advice from those I work with to address some repair needs myself. I am handy with basic tools and usually encouraged by a source of good information. I will be bold with a sense of direction, and sometimes surprise myself by accomplishing something that seemed impossible.

Dear Friends: Now off to sit through more hours of mind-numbing training videos. Diana

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