What To Do

Sunday, February 05, 2023

Today starts my three days off from work. I like short working hours and having daylight to feed critters appropriately and shop if needed. I’ve been focused on learning my working routines and haven’t planned to use this time off. So, I’ll play things by ear.

I love hiking with all the dogs, but getting them away is a problem. My SUV is the one available vehicle that accommodates all of them simultaneously. Unfortunately, my oldest dogs are arthritic, can’t easily leap into the SUV, and will ignore a loading ramp. They still can jump into my old Jeep, but it’s away for repairs.

It’ll help to think creatively. Then, three days off will allow for figuring out how to load everybody. For starters, I’ll give all the dogs some ramp training. Although ramping-up training wasn’t successful previously, it’s now essential.

It’s predicted that we’ll receive new snow. If so, I won’t be outside and training but inside and reading.

Dear Friends: Have a great day. Diana

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