Monday, February 06, 2023

I wrote recently about having not spotted a Robin this season. The birds winter in my area, almost invisibly, and I miss seeing them. Yesterday, a fat Robin perched on my watering troughs. That active bird suggested spring will arrive soon.

So, too, now’s the time to address spring cleaning.

I’m a “putter-offer” who typically prefers to wait and “do it” later.” Finally, yesterday, I tackled with surprising gusto several long-standing “waits.” It astonishes that most chores, once addressed, are easier than anticipated. What’s best is that completing each gives the incredible high of having “done it!”

All my chores involved cleaning. I handled a moldy refrigerator, a neglected chicken enclosure, and my gosh-awful cluttered garage. Accomplishing eased my mind, so that today on awakening, there wasn’t a “to-do” list running in my head and making me feel guilty. Now more free, I will tackle waiting chores that aren’t on a hot list.

I believe that working outside the home drives productivity inside the home. Being home day after day makes it easy to postpone chores that begin as routine, but neglected over time, evolve into demanding monsters. Now with an outside job and tending to organize better, I’ll more readily dispatch the homework.

Dear Friends: There’s a saying that a busy person gets more done, and the busier the more. Diana

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