Aging In

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I read in the Washington Post that today one in six Americans is over sixty. That can explain much about what’s evolving socially and economically. Of course, recent medical advances and the focus on geriatrics enable longer lives. But, not surprisingly, the age shift brings real-time and striking changes to the economy.

When I was very young, people often died while in their mid-sixties. A popular theory was “death by forced retirement.” Retiring at sixty-five seemed to leave too little to keep individuals thriving, and so, around that age, the elderly kind of fell off like flies. Back then, I couldn’t have anticipated living well into my seventies or Beyond!

Healthy older populations are altering the entire world. Not long ago, few American organizations hired workers in their late sixties or beyond. Nowadays, workplaces are combining the young and elderly to produce and sell. Interestingly, young workers are undaunted by elderly co-employees, while the elderly struggle to comprehend the younger and more casual attitudes toward working or even driving a car.

Dear Friends: The significant impact of one in six helps to clarify much. Diana

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