Wednesday, February 15, 2023

On Monday, Central Oregon’s winter weather was rough and resembled blizzard conditions. Fortunately, that was my off-work day, and I navigated the outdoors several times to feed my horses. For the final feeding, I wore ski goggles to help me move directly into westward-driving snow. The goggles made that feeding possible, as they’ve done at least once every winter.

Here in Central Oregon, the weather this time of the year is unpredictable. Weatherwise, February, March, and April can be ferocious, except for the brief spots that generate spring hope. Even the gentle month of May is iffy. Nevertheless, people loving to garden eagerly purchase seeds and plants. They’re willing to take their chances, but those who have greenhouses succeed best.

As this spring approaches, I’m on the garden team at Home Depot. Already, customers are buying inside potted plants. I have a steep learning curve ahead, am expected to become a subject matter expert on gardening. Nevertheless, I’m primed and understand our part of the store’s business will pop instantly when outside plants arrive. We in Garden will be busy throughout the summer.

(Fortunately, my next-door neighbor, Frank, has a large greenhouse and truly is a subject matter expert. Maybe I can tap into his knowledge occasionally to augment mine.)

Dear Friends: If my work history is any indication, I’ll start to create a greenhouse. Diana

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