Friday, February 17, 2023

I spent most of yesterday wiping out my computer’s memory and then initiating a factory reset. That lengthy and tiring work consumed hours to relocate and download previously saved data. I’m still searching for photos and documents; they’re either in the Cloud or Amazon storage. I’ll find them.

The reset was necessary as my computer was continually losing its wifi connection. As a result, I couldn’t create an entire document before the system suddenly wouldn’t save my work. I went online for technical support, and experts tried to help by unloading and reloading the computer’s wifi driver. Unfortunately, that didn’t improve anything.

Frankly, what had gone wrong was my fault. I had fooled around with internet connectivity, and while clicking on keys immediately sensed having just hit what might have been the wrong one. Enlightenment came too late. I wasn’t sure what I’d done, but my wifi started failing often.

After yesterday’s reset, the system seems to be working well enough. Its wifi connection appears to be holding, making worthwhile the hefty fixing effort.

Earlier that day, I cleaned the poultry area. My pet hen turkeys like to follow me around, always making cool chattering and whistling noises. For today’s header photo, I captured one’s sweet expression.

My chickens, too, were fun to work around. Most have re-feathered and are beautiful, for wintertime is the period of reduced laying and less rooster attention.

Speaking of roosters, here’s my Cockoo Moran back when he sported a tall, proud tail. The girls keep following him around and plucking at his glorious feathers. The reason feathers are popular as snacks is that they’re pure protein.

Dear Friends: Using high technology successfully demands hesitation, caution, and courage. Diana

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