Saturday, February 18, 2023

Yesterday, working at Home Depot, I became introduced to some of the newest light bulb technologies.

I learned that creating different lighting needn’t require installing whole new fixtures. Simply screwing in a smart bulb can make all the difference immediately.

Changing lighting has become so easy.

There are light bulbs with built-in sensors that automatically turn a light on at dusk and then off at dawn. Others have built-in sensors, movement sensitive, that independently light up briefly and turn off. Who knew?

Some Bluetooth light bulbs even are standalone sound systems. Connecting a Bluetooth bulb to wifi creates a color-changing music source.

I toured the lighting aisles examining products along with Ryan, a kind young coworker. He explained the capabilities of different lighting items, adding (kind of adorably) that people in “his generation” are very comfortable using and enjoying modern colorful smart lights.

As for me, I’m wide-eyed and admittedly galore behind younger generations. Fortunately, most of our shoppers are easy to communicate with and usually are seeking products that I understand.

It does boost alertness to be reminded, in regard to everything, that change is constant.

Dear Friends: New astonishing technologies are initiating another learning curve. Diana

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