Grow Lights

Monday, February 20, 2023

This isn’t a day at work for me. Luckily, the local temperature will climb into the mid-fifties. That encourages planning for gathering the dogs and heading to a BLM. We are overdue for a play-outing and photo shoot.

Last week, I turned down a new job opportunity. It would let me work from home and with more salary. Having long wished to work from home, I had to struggle with making a change. What finally won out was that I prefer to be among people. Home Depot meets that need as I’m assigned to the Garden Department with coworkers. Also, I get around in the larger store by helping customers locate products. I have fun, too, playing with dogs that accompany shoppers.

I’ve never had a green thumb, mainly for too little time and knowledge about plants. That’s changing as I’m involved with Garden Department plants. I water and read plant tags to learn their characteristics. Customers deeply into plants teach me, too. For instance, they’ve taught me that gro lights help flowering varieties. I’ve brought home lights and plants.

I have mixed feelings about staying the course. Working from home suggested relative independence. That’s opposed to my low spot on a large store’s totem pole and some social annoyances. Now though, Home Depot seems best. If that changes other opportunities are out there.

Dear Friends: Letting go of old perceptions and better comprehending a modern world. Diana

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