Tuesday, February 20, 2023

Yesterday got away from me.

A couple days ago, a cop pulled me over to ask why my Jeep isn’t sporting current tags. I was surprised, but on checking found him right. The cop checked my registration and let me go with a warning. The vehicle’s old tags were expired since last March. Perhaps I’d become sidetracked as for months my Jeep was away for repairs. The mechanic had difficulty finding usable parts for it, a problem that’s getting worse.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find the Jeep’s current stickers, so went online to Oregon DMV for duplicates. The online site was a mess, the system couldn’t recognize me. Come on! Who else has my social security number, my birthdate and etc.? I did the next best thing, pulled my Jeep’s title, and headed straight to the DMV. It was closed for Presidents’ Day!

So frustrating.

That wasn’t the only awful I faced yesterday. I also lost my phone, couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked my google watch to ping it, but the instrument was out of range. I struggled to remember every one of my moves since last sighting the phone and kept searching for it. Not in the Jeep nor anywhere in the house, nor in a pocket of recently worn jeans in the washing machine. Nor outside, in the barn, the horse area, or the chicken area. I was bummed. The phone with so much information is a “gotta have.”

Finally, I found it. I’m embarrassed to admit where, but “there” it was. Just a silly slip, that shook me up.

Later this week, I’ll fix the Jeep’s tags. I will make another fix, too, by swapping my Pixel phone and watch for the Apple versions. Months ago, I eagerly tried the less expensive google network, but with everything online, the process is cumbersome. I’m ready for a re-anchor to what’s worked before.

Dear Friends: Those plans for my day off from work mostly fell “on hold.” Diana

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