Good Morning

@Eight Pines Ranch

Sunday, February 26, 2023

I’m on my way back to work today. My head cold has become history, the horses’ troughs are full of water, and everything that needed doing before today is done. All my challenges occurred in freezing and snowy weather.

Yesterday, I went shopping. Topping my list were hoses, Kleenex, and a snow shovel. I also purchased bottles of hand sanitizer, one for each vehicle, and one for my locker at Home Depot. Luckily, last week, my cold was just a bad one, that while brief, was physically rattling. Now, when in public, I will be wearing a mask and be sanitizing my hands.

We’re supposed to get more snow today. Fortunately, local temperatures will remain way above the single digits.

By the way, my chickens are continuing to lay. If you need eggs let me know. They’re fresh but unwashed and free to takers. If you’re returning, please don’t forget to bring empty egg cartons.

Dear Friends: Days off are good, and returning to work feels like an adventure. Diana

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