Monday, February 27, 2023

Today’s a day off for me. Yesterday, I formally asked for my days off to be sequential. That would allow my twenty-hour working weeks to allow a straight trio of days off. The Garden Department, where I work, is about to enter its busiest time of the year, so off times might have to remain unpredictable.

I think that in two weeks the plants will have arrived. My new working schedule shows me as a “garden waterer” all that week. If we do have the outside plants, watering them sounds like fun.

More about watering, and about last evening. My routine of trough filling turned easy. Thankfully, thawing weather made workable a hydrant that’s been frozen. And, I could employ a hose that severe cold had frozen and was unusable. If I had been more careful, those freezings might not have occurred, and now, my watering ways will change.

At Home Depot, I’m expecting to learn more about distributing water. That experience might help me become more efficient with my horse watering and my home garden watering.

Today will be another story. Most of my time will be spent waiting in a chair at the DVM. It’s Monday and its lineup for services will be unending. I must obtain duplicates of the license tags missing from my Jeep. I’ll also renew my driver’s license. I’m not planning to fly on an airliner, but if that should change, my DL needs information the State now requires.

The header photo is of my Jasmin plant, this morning, still blooming like crazy and turning a corner window into a jazzy spot.

Dear Friends: Enjoying “seeing you again” this morning! Diana

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