Time Flies

Tuesday, February 27, 2023

I did all the essential things yesterday on my list! Went to DVM and updated my Jeep license tags and driver’s license. Afterward, I hauled a trailer loaded with trash, and a stack of flattened cardboard, to the dump. Whew! Yesterday afternoon was one of effort.

At DVM, I anticipated a long wait time for service, perfect for getting started (again) on my thousand-page journey into The Tale of Genji. This long Tale was written 1,000 years ago by a Japanese noblewoman in the Emperor’s Court. I had tried reading Genji but needed prep work to learn about ancient Japanese sociology. So I had set aside the Tale to read a couple of diaries by Japanese noblewomen of the High Court 1,000 years ago.

I learned that the ancient Court was a world unto itself and very different from modern experience. Unique to Japan were specific communication styles, sociological behaviors, relationships between people overall, and genders. In addition, there were old ideas about education, language-sharing, and family status.

My introduction to the ancient Court came from the period diaries. So, at DVM, I was ready and tackled with a freshly educated mind, The Tale of Genji.

Regardless of differences in living then and now, what is the same is how quickly and similarly people perceive each other. The Diaries are very revealing. Old as they are, the writers often could have been observing and commenting contemporarily.

I’m preparing myself for more, for later reading a modern classic Japanese novel based on The Tale of Genji. I want to be aware of the contemporary story’s otherwise obscure elements. Meanwhile, I’m creating a little library of ancient and modern Japanese literature. To my surprise and awakening, this Eastern collection has an impact and importance that equals our Western awe of Shakespeare’s works.

Dear Friends: It will be a Jeep Day without worrying about being stopped and ticketed. Diana

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