Ah, Old Age

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

I’m cooking for the chickens. They’ll be feasting on brown rice, soybeans, lentils, and more grains, from Food 4 Less. Plus, they’ll have pasta! The girls are giving much, and essentially, churning out eggs. They deserve a little more effort. So, I’m cooking!

Well, cooking as best I can. Happily, the girls aren’t particular and will love their grains today.

My very elderly hen, Wellsummer, now thirteen years old, has become picky and needs to continue eating healthily. I worry about her diminishing appetite as a sign of starting to give up. On the other hand, she’s in her second year of living in my garage and is a very cool house (or garage) guest. I see her as a healthy elderly bird, sometimes less vigorous but hanging on.

On learning she was willing to eat brown rice, I initiated a grain quest to create meals that would attract Wellsummer, and add to feeding the outside chickens. My inner-inside birds, Peaches and Gilbert, will also receive grains. These guys are particular (call it “spoiled”). Peaches will toss the grains to the bottom of his cage, and Gilbert will ignore them and favor his regular seeds.

One keeps trying I remind myself, as an encouragement to keep going. I have raw popcorn kernels, too. If they’ll pop in the microwave without much effort, my chickens and the inner birds will receive popped corn. With the possible exception of Gilbert, they’ll love the treat.

Dear Friends: The header photo shows Wellsummer pecking around outside on a warm day. Diana

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