Fabulous Winners

Thursday, March 02, 2023

The Criterion Channel will be streaming “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” one of my favorite movies this month. It’s getting lots of attention again because its star, Michelle Yeoh, is receiving much attention. She’s in a new movie, and the role is making her an Oscar contender.

I’m no longer interested in who wins an Oscar. But my interest in Yeoh’s work is high.

Yeoh is being interviewed often, and recently by Christianne Amanpour. Yeoh wowed me (and Amanpour) by describing the inspired creativity and required physical effort to perform in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” directed by the brilliant Ang Lee.

While being filmed, she and the other actors performed their own stunts. The movie is physical and, essentially, a ballet featuring hand-to-hand and sword- and knife fighting. In its sequences, combatants fly into the air and onto (and off) buildings without missing a single combatant stroke. The movie is beautiful visually; it’s exciting emotionally.

At work yesterday, a coworker’s cell phone rang. Her ringtone was the theme from “Kill Bill”! Another of my all-time favorites, directed by the outstanding Quintin Tarantino. My coworker and I spoke about the physicality and brilliance of the “Bill” trio. We then shifted to “Crouching Tiger.” That put both films into my mind, and I am eager to watch them again.

I’ll start with the Criterion replay. First, I will check out several recent Michelle Yeoh interviews to learn more about how the movie came to be and was developed. Then, I’ll look for the “Kill Bill” series, which might be available on YouTube.

Dear Friends: As a movie buff and visual, I’m thrilled by brilliant creativity. Diana

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