New World

Friday, March 03, 2023

Our new world is the current technological revolution. Alex Murdough’s conviction probably wouldn’t have occurred without available cell phone videos and associated evidence, including his vehicle’s running data. His confessions of massive money thievery and opioid addiction, to fuel his denial of being anywhere near the site of that double murder, failed against technical evidence that dictated otherwise.

This new world confronts us everywhere and always. We are recorded by public and private cameras, our vehicles collect data, and so do our smartphones and watches. Not to mention whatever our laptops and tablets might record.

As to this growing city where for twenty years I’ve lived, the physical changes are evident. Our booming population has newcomers increasingly wealthier and more highly educated. Technology enables many still working to work from home. Their surrounding area invites jogging, bicycle riding, skiing, and more.

The changing population of such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers, has changed what old-timers typically took for granted. Today, on local roads, Teslas and other electric vehicles move too silently to hear them approaching; joggers are accompanied by their designer dogs for which they paid thousands; bicycle riding on trails has become an extreme sport that lacks apologies and politeness.

In my part-time work, I sense these sorts of changes from customers educated and sophisticated. They often tell me about their personal and working lives in pre-retirement cities. Their experiences differ greatly from those of folks I first met here years ago.

Technology, education, and new wealth alter my daily perceptions. My drives to and from work are full of heavy traffic, newly constructed apartment buildings, and multiple-lane serial roundabouts. My horseback riding can’t happen almost anywhere as in the old days. Nowadays, I must find where to take my horses to avoid silent vehicle approaches from behind, and also, numerous bicycle riders who aren’t aware of trail etiquette.

Dear Friends: Forever ahead, new technologies will alter our perceptions and lives. Diana

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