Come, Spring!

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Yesterday was exhausting. First, I had to awaken earlier than usual (and my “usual” already is early), to be at work by six a.m. Second, I didn’t notice heavy new snow falling before being outside and finding my car icy and partially buried. Third, I stood in the heavy snowfall while clearing ice and snow from windshields for visibility, and soon as possible left for work.

Driving proved difficult on streets unplowed and very slick. My all-wheel drive vehicle does an excellent job of making me feel safe in general; I help by keeping to low speeds. Yesterday, my rates averaged twenty to twenty-five mph. That’s slow, but from behind the wheel feels about correct.

Even so early and with little traffic, another vehicle appears and follows mine. Its driver follows closely, obviously wanting me to speed up. And unfortunately, my rearview mirror reflects the too-close headlights. I feel pressure but am frightened to go at a higher speed. So, I stay steady and mentally tell off my insistent follower.

Anyway, I safely arrive at work and clock in only minutes late. Then, just after six a.m. I’m in the Garden Department where I work. Nobody is around, no workers or customers, and nothing is happening. So I must figure out how to stay busy. My best option is to water the inside plants for sale, for past experience teaches that the process can consume a couple of hours.

The stressful morning continued. I tried to keep (or at least look) busy. This is a waiting period in the department before the arrival of outside plants, which will bring in customers. It’s good planning that the store pre-staffs “to-be-busy” departments. But for a new hire, the waiting is stressful. I’m wondering why a staff person must be there at six a.m.

The whole morning could have been easier had it not begun with brutal weather and problematic other drivers. I spoke of this to a co-worker. She advised me to turn my rearview mirror up, away, and out of sight and ignore vehicles following mine.

Next time!

Dear Friends: Just grumbling about winter ahead of local springtime, arriving in May. Diana

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