Friday, March 10, 2023

Today’s another early one for working. This hello will be brief since I must clock in shortly.

The scenario is becoming familiar. Today is early to work after scraping ice and snow from my vehicle. Yes, indeed, more snow fell during much of yesterday. The footing was slick at the barn, and the snow revealed many bunny tracks. The critters obviously are dining on my hay. That’s okay; I like bunnies.

I have a new snow plow that’s been delivered. But, unfortunately, I’ve no time to use it this morning, and besides, the fresh snow might not be deep enough. What’s good is now having a battery-operated machine. Yes, just pushing a button makes it go, and it’ll throw snow thirty-five feet away!

I’ll no longer need to be trying to awaken a gas engine, fiddle with a lazy starter, or, horrors, pull on a resisting rope; or finally, as usual, call for help starting the snow plow.

Except that nothing’s really over. From here on, the gas-driven plow will be parked at the barn. Its job (if its engine starts for me) will be creating pathways to and from the horses. In case the gas engine resists starting, I’ll recharge the new plow’s batteries and roll it down for plowing there.

Dear Friends: I have learned the wisdom of finding alternative ways to achieve what’s necessary. Diana

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