A Slow Spring

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Yesterday afternoon, with snow still on the ground. I started my new battery-operated snowblower and cleared the entire driveway. That machine did a fine job and used only a little of its battery power. Best of all, it sprang into action at a touch.

Earlier, in the morning, after scraping the hardened and new snow off my vehicle, I had a challenging drive to work. On very slippery roads I drove at twenty mph, as did everyone else. To my relief, and for a change, no aggressive followers appeared in my rear-view mirror the whole route.

Right now, working is dull in the Garden Department. It’s overstaffed and has few customers. That’ll change when the spring plants arrive. The rumor is that will happen a week after next, but I wonder because consistently this area is receiving snow. Locally, since this year started, we have had twenty or twenty-five snow days. That’s really great for our skiing economy, but way less so for folks eager to start planting.

Meanwhile, I’ve been bringing home potted plants and they are pleasant. It is refreshing to enter this house and glimpse healthy greenery and budding stems. My Jasmine is loaded with flowers that make this home’s interior a heavenly-scented wonder.

Soon, I’ll head out to work, to clock in for another early-at-work day. If nobody else has handled today’s plant watering task, I will. That’ll let me feel productive for an hour or so.

Dear Friends: Today should warm up, but Monday has rain and Tuesday brings snow. Diana

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