Doggy Daze

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Wouldn’t ya know, I forgot to turn the clock time ahead! Fortunately, today I’m to be at work later, and my slip won’t become a problem.

Yesterday, for the first time in what seems forever, I took the dogs out to run freely. They did, in the usual order with Miles leading (often alongside Ranger), and now, joined in front by Chase. The puppy is a year old, energetic, and muscular.

Chase was all over the map but often visible. Yesterday was only his second time out to run loosely and he dependably stayed in the mix having a wonderful time.

Though always in front, Miles knows precisely where I am. Osix rarely is a frontrunner and instead covers the distance between ahead and back to where I’m walking. Our periodic frontrunner, Ranger, does the same. That pattern reassures them that I’m nearby.

The pack’s little cutie, Mitzvah, ran briefly ahead of me; but mostly marched at my heels, moving quietly without touching or bumping me. Periodically, I turned to make sure she was in place, and the little trooper was always there.

Before loading the dogs earlier to leave home, I felt tired after working at Home Depot all morning. However, once out and moving, and like the dogs having a good time, I began to have a sense of spring, even while trudging through snow. Soon, we will go out again.

Dear Friends: I want to ride and soon, with the horses and Pimmy, will shake off more winter. Diana

2 thoughts on “Doggy Daze

  1. What do ranchers think of Daylight Saving time? If they just stay & work on the ranch, I guess they could just ignore it. For those who have a 2nd job in town, it must be a big pain, having to get up in the middle of the night to feed the animals before heading out.


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