Special Pups

Monday, March 13, 2023

Yesterday, a customer brought a Rough Collie into Home Depot, where I work. He was the first of that breed I have seen, in person, for years. He might be the area’s only standard Collie, according to my twenty years in Central Oregon. Although according to his owner, he’s originally from a litter in Prineville.

He’s four years old, very beautiful, super friendly, and, although cooperative, also very alert. Here, notice his awareness to my attention.

The sight of him made me think of my Osix. She’s a mixed Collie, which I assume mostly is Border Collie. However, she also suggests considerable throwback. Her coat type, facial expressions, and personality characteristics resemble the Standard Collie. She constantly reminds me of that breed. Here, she’s pictured while in puppyhood, and the resemblances are apparent.

This day is off from working at Home Depot. After the next week, my working schedules will start showing my days off as a string. It’ll be a welcome change that offers opportunities to be more productive and to go adventuring.

Dear Friends: Have a wonderful day today. Diana

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