Still Winter

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Why am I scheduled to work today for six hours, and to take off one of them for lunch? Why wasn’t I scheduled to work for five hours and then just set free?

Those questions helped me stay awake last night. It’s difficult enough to go to work in a Plant Department that has been waiting for an initial live plant supply. It’s currently overstaffed, and we’re all creatively staying busy. Today’s schedule forcing me to work enough hours, to require a lunch, also shows me as today’s “plant waterer.”

That scheduling is a product of guesswork.

Yesterday, on my day off, new snow fell. More is predicted all this afternoon. Arrivals of one or more semis loaded with live plants seem unlikely. My kind boss might enable me to escape at the five-hour mark.

On the other hand, if plants were delivered yesterday, the anticipated weather could semi-alter the game. Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to stand in falling snow doing that watering. Maybe that five-hour escape could happen. I’ll try!

Dear Friends: Just a quick hello before it’s off to work for me. Diana

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