Eye Candy

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The live plants have begun to arrive. I drove into the parking lot yesterday as huge semi trucks pulled away. I guessed they had delivered the anticipated plants and soon saw many pallets stacked and plant-filled. These first are bushes, blue and blackberries, and evergreens.

Unloaded and arranged, they’re a feast for the eyes. And yesterday’s new snow covered those plants; they seemed to like that.

It was hard work lifting pots and arranging plants by type and size. Plus, it was cold out there! My manager took me into the store to find warm gloves (small size). Good luck finding something smallish in Home Depot! We discovered one pair that almost fit me, and they helped.

This morning, I’m due in early. I don’t know if more plants will arrive, but I expect many customers. These healthy starts will be examined and purchased by folks who hope that the weather ahead will be good for them.

Dear Friends: Being among healthy plants and breathing the air is invigorating. Diana

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