A Beaut!

Friday, March 17, 2023

Meet Atlas, a six-month-old Italian Mastiff, with his person in Home Depot. Atlas greeted my outstretched arms with delight; he was friendly and playful. And, so well-cared for that his coat sparkles like a new apple. I hope we often meet as he’s growing bigger and always enjoys greeting and receiving greetings.

Otherwise, yesterday, I sat before a computer and received training on handling and driving the store’s electric ladders. They can lift a person high as twelve feet to spot and retrieve stored items. In the first round of training, having never looked at the controls of that ladder, it made no sense. I had to learn as becoming licensed means also taking an actual driving test. I left the computer and tagged a co-worker licensed to drive the electric ladder. After he explained the machine, I returned and repeated the training modules, now with some insight.

Today’s a day off. I’ll spend some of it lining up materials and tools to tackle a repair job here at home.

Working at Home Depot offers the best of several worlds. Like, materials, tools, learning, and often very cool pets!

Dear Friends: Locally, a warming trend! And earth softening for cleaning the horse area. Diana

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