Hurry, Spring

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Today, I’ll be at work. Tomorrow begins a dream stretch of three days off from Home Depot. I have a long list of property, home repairs, and improvements that need tackling in this warmer weather.

In Central Oregon, approaching spring brings frequent weather changes. Daily temperatures alternate wildly, with accompanying winds blowing quickly or furiously.

From January through April, I manage to work during most temperatures. However, I try to stay inside much as possible when winds blow at around 40 mph. While outside, I can feel those winds circling and re-approaching from various directions. Always from one direction, usually the west, that wind rages hardest and is the worst.

My worst project will be clearing the underside of my deck and then fencing it off from my puppy, Chase, who goes there and drags out things easy to destroy. By now, he’s littered the grounds with torn foam insulation, construction paper in pieces, and hoses and plastic pipes ripped and scattered.

Chase isn’t the only one loving the deck’s underside. Other dogs before him have played with finds from there.

My one fun project will be finishing a desk I’m building. Now, it needs sanding and staining, and its legs need attaching. But, even if it doesn’t become a work of art, I’ll love it.

Now, I must be off to work.

Dear Friends: If you’re in a spell of spring-like weather, enjoy it outside. Diana

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