On & Upward

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Yesterday, I passed a driving test and became licensed to operate a Ballymore Electric Ladder. I work at Home Depot, which has several of those ladders. Each can lift a person to a working height of twenty-one feet. They’re for locating and retrieving products stored high.

Before my test drive, I took preparatory training via computer. Unfortunately, the content was confusing because it’s designed to train a trainer, not a trainee. So, I left that training and found a coworker who could explain a Ballymore and how its controls worked. Then, armed with insight, I returned to computer learning, and it made more sense.

Finally, my manager gave me an overview of the machine’s operating system before testing my driving skills.

The header image shows from the side that battery-operated machine. An operator strapped into the front part stands slightly lower than the stainless steel platform for receiving packages.

I found it weird operating the machine, for it’s somewhat counter-intuitive. For example, pushing down on the control lever raises the ladder, while pulling upward on it lowers it.

I was challenged to remember that the Ballymore hasn’t much backside and can turn around on a dime. Something else will be to look up often and avoid hitting overheads like hanging fixtures and fire barriers.

My license will arrive in a couple of days and must be pinned to the front of my apron when driving. My manager said I may practice to become a better ladder handler. He was pleased that I tested well.

Dear Friends: I enjoy learning, but I couldn’t have anticipated something like this. Diana

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