Saturday, March 25, 2023

Oh dear, snowing again. Yesterday’s snow action was on and off, but overnight lots fell. Outside this morning, it’s beautiful but not deep for snow-blowing. What has landed calls for windshield scraping. I’ll do that before leaving for my work in the Garden Department. Today, we will be overstaffed. Few live plant-oriented customers show up in snowy, buyer-limiting weather.

When we are overstaffed, necessary chores are dispatched early. And then, we start searching for tasks to keep us busy. The store’s long-timers tell me that customers will crowd us nonstop when our area’s spring weather calms.

I’m not much of a gardening person and thus fill quiet time at work by learning more about plants. While working in the store, we are allowed to use our personal phones, and I do lots of searching online for plant information. That can keep me busy and inform responses to potential questions.

Yesterday, I asked the store’s HR person for an org chart. Guess what, there isn’t one. However, she kindly wrote out one for me. The helpful reference raises questions. Why doesn’t a massive company like Home Depot routinely provide individual store org charts, employee handbooks, and, mostly, essential sales training?

Okay, I’m old school. I know the times have changed. So have the economy and businesses. Nonetheless, many workers’ needs haven’t changed at all. I’m just sayin’.

Dear Friends: That “org chart” will inform me more about who’s speaking with me. Diana

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