Birdcage Blues

Bacon for Breakfast

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Peaches’ new cage has arrived. It’s in a large, heavy box and unassembled. The effort to put together this stainless steel parrot cage seems daunting, but soon it’ll happen.

Peaches’ current cage has been his lifelong home. But, he’s the smallest type of Cockatoo, and his old cage doesn’t suit his size. It came with the bird. He easily gets around in it and loves all his space.

It’s me, who considers the cage too large, and oversized for my living room. It’s also too wide. I can’t move it through the hallway, and into other areas.

I’ve not replaced his original cage because of its great asset, as a very heavy structure with welds Peaches can’t break, and he’s both determined and capable of breaking them. He used to have a secondary cage with places wired together that were evidence of his destructive skills. Anyway, that other cage no longer belongs to Peaches. It’s long been the home of Gilbert, a rescued racing pigeon.

After assembling the new cage, I’ll move his old one onto an outside deck. It’ll become a secure bird-playing area in nice weather. What’s cool is that Gilbert’s smaller cage can be rolled outside and parked near Peaches’s cage. Companions!

I’ve not been able to find an appropriate cage locally, and the new one comes from an online source. I hope it turns out to be smaller, while also large enough for the very active Peaches. Also, hopefully, this cage will be easier to clean; the old one has been cumbersome to clean.

Dear Friends: Before and after photos soon will come. Diana

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