Ah, Spring!

My neighbor, Johnny, and my 3 equines

Monday, March 27, 2023

Today, I’ll walk my equines down the street to a neighbor’s pasture, where they will graze all afternoon. That neighbor came into Home Depot yesterday, and we caught up with each other. My animals haven’t gone to his pasture for months because the neighborhood vehicle traffic is becoming too challenging for me.

Usually, as vehicles pass us my equines are unflappable. However, if one of those big animals should happen to spook, its quick hooves could endanger me. There are new factors limiting my walks with them on the street.

One is the increase in silent electric vehicles. They come from behind; suddenly I’m aware of one whizzing past. Another is the population explosion in this previously small community. New residents driving many of the passing cars have never seen a human walking with horses on the street.

In the old days, being out on the street with my horses felt comfortable and fun. The locals gave horses the right of way, and drivers slowed or stopped. While passing, they smiled and waved. I could hear car motors coming and would move my animals nearer one or another side of the street.

Anyway, my equines have been trapped in their dry lot for months. Today, I’ll take a deep breath and give them an overdue, well-deserved outing to pasture, by taking that walk.

Dear Friends: The improving weather soon also will be great for riding horses. Diana

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