Ho Hum, Ahead

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Here’s another quick hello before I leave early for work. As a relief, last night didn’t bring new snow, so this morning needs no window scraping.

The weather impacts my work in the Garden Department without customers. At least, not enough of them to keep us all busy. As the department’s newest employee, I’m stuck with plant watering; it’s a one-person job.

The hose watering system is turned off, as it’s still cold enough for the pipes to freeze. So, I drag around the store’s one smallish portable waterer. To prevent leaving puddles on floors, I haul plants outside, drench them, and bring them back inside. That makes me be outside in the cold and also is b-o-r-i-n-g.

Garden customers will start arriving at the beginning of real spring. That could be in late April or mid-May. Meanwhile, I don’t enjoy the hours of watering plants and have begun wanting other work. I like being at HD, but I am uncertain how to go about altering my role at this point.

As usual, in order to move forward with a question, maybe a long-time employee will be informative. I would start creating a personal “road map” to my next steps.

Dear Friends: Now, it’s off to work for me. Diana

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