Still Life

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Yesterday up close to my house, these deer were nibbling at the bird feeders. This photo captured the trio a heartbeat before it bounded away. The middle deer’s ears are turned back toward me, which lends action to this otherwise still-looking shot. The outcome is a pleasing scene that resembles artwork.

It is boosting my morning, as I must go to work, and yes, will spend today watering plants. Things will be improved, for now, I have safety glasses. Yesterday I didn’t explain, that as I watered on the previous day, a tall potted palm fell toward me and a protruding branch scratched my eye.

I didn’t report the incident, but will today. The scratch doesn’t seem serious but it still annoys me. It will be best to get the injury on record at HD, in case it should amount to more in the future.

Dear Friends: Time is crunching again; I must get going and soon on the road again. Diana

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