Spring Preps

Friday, March 31, 2023

Today, I will enjoy being off from my part-time job. Also, I will be enjoying this last day of decent weather. Over the weekend, there’s to be a big snowstorm with bully winds that may gust to 40 mph.

Oh, where art thou, spring?

Nonetheless, I will keep preparing for nicer weather. I intend to add a structure near the barn that holds hanging flower baskets and provides color in that rather drab area. Another plan is to add a weatherproof bench near where those flowers will hang. Currently, that flower-supporting device and the bench are boxed and need assembly, tasks for today.

Although hanging flower baskets are increasingly available, the local climate remains too cold. Flowers won’t be able to survive outdoors in our area before genuine springtime arrives.

In the garden center where I work, the local lore is that our current shoppers are this area’s newest residents. Those are folks unfamiliar with our periodic faux springtimes. The warm weather spurts encourage new locals to purchase and plant. Nearly all residents in Central Oregon have personal stories of experiencing early planting failures.

In today’s early dimness, I am watching my trees responding to winds already in this area and having enough strength to move branches.

Dear Friends: I’d best start moving, and hopefully, accomplish all my plans for today. Diana

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