Snow Story

Saturday, April 01, 2023

My farrier was here yesterday. For years he has arrived monthly from Mammoth to work on local horses. During the past year, he has planned to move to Central Oregon. His target date has been April 1, but he’s about to return to Mammoth. He explained that currently, in Mammoth, are twenty-five feet of snow blocking his living quarters. That’s the biggest snow Mammoth has ever experienced and prevents removing his belongings and moving.

Our challenge will be less in this area. There’s predicted snow starting today and falling through the weekend. Maybe we’ll receive lots, but surely not nearly what’s in Mammoth. Anyway here, my new battery-operated snowblower waits and is ready to start working at the push of a button.

Meanwhile, I’m off to work, in another, and thankfully, last such early-entry time for a week or so.

Dear Friends: Stay warm and have a good day. Diana

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