Tuesday, April 04, 2023

Yesterday, this area didn’t get the predicted snow. Instead, a little sunshine and lots of wind created a chilly day, and surprisingly, lots of people felt motivated enough to show up at the garden center where I work. Most wanted flowering plants, which haven’t arrived but will soon.

My manager said the large watering system will be turned on later this week. He’s devising a distribution method that lets me handle the store’s watering hose without endangering wandering customers. There’s a large outside area with plants that I’m to cover and it’s a big challenge for him. He’s a clever fellow, but I can’t imagine what he’ll come up with.

He’s a long-time HD veteran and knows the best ways to arrange this store’s outer area for plant selling. He explains, however, that the new store manager specifically wants the current arrangement. I wondered why he doesn’t advocate for a better layout, and he says, “It’s his store, and I’ll do it his way.”

“His store,” that surprised me. I have assumed the store’s management team collaborates on key decisions, but maybe the organization supports a top-down power arrangement. Or maybe its long-time employees are unaccustomed to negotiating with higher-ranking personnel and don’t speak up.

I’m a tiny cog in the wheel, inexperienced with arranging plants outside for optimal care and sales. Moreover, today is my one working day before next weekend. Then, I’ll learn how we may water the plants in that problematic outside area.

Dear Friends: A big learning curve, in re-comprehending large-organization management ways. Diana

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