Time Out

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The other day, this adorable and beautiful Samoyed pup, a year and a half old, appeared in an HD aisle. Although timid with strangers, she cautiously accepted a treat from me.

Another customer whose dog I was photographing suggested that I initiate a “Home Depot Dogs” FB page. The idea appeals as many customers bring their dogs while shopping. But an online creative notion, associated with a giant commercial establishment and without its endorsement, isn’t a bright notion. It’s best that my “photos from the aisles” stay local.

Today begins a string of three days off from work. Well, off from at-work working, but not from all work. This warmer weather opens a barrel full of needs at home, like pulling weeds and addressing small repairs. Soon after returning to work, I’ll be faced with several 6 a.m. show-up days. For now, I’ll put aside that yukky obligation and just enjoy these days off.

My bedroom has a new, cozy little nook. Next to a large window, under which are my bookcases, there’s a comfy reclining chair, a small television, and a desk. Or a retreat, where I may read and work undisturbed. Sure, not much in my home disturbs me, but it’s a comfort having a unique space that’s mine alone. I can recline quietly and read a book without the dogs sensing my location and hounding the window for attention. Otherwise, they know exactly where I am and track my presence in this long, ranch house-style dwelling.

I’m off to feed the horses and then retreat to my nook. I’m still trying to work through the thousand pages of the ancient Japanese novel, The Tale of Genji.

Dear Friends: After I tire of reading, I’ll straighten up the house and start making repairs. Diana

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